Escusivo : gli ABBA disponibili su KaraFun

Il 2018 inizia bene ! Siamo felici di annunciarvi che il vostro gruppo svedese preferito, gli ABBA, autori di successi come Happy New Year, Dancing Queen e Money, Money, Money è ora disponibile su KaraFun.


Hard to say those three little words? Say it with a song!

Forget the chocolates and roses. Hearts will pound, hearts will skip a beat, when you grab the mic and tell your partner to take a seat! When the words are a jumble and your head a bumble, switch on any KaraFun application and say it in a song.

Not sure where to begin?

Check out our pre-made playlists to get you going this Valentine's Day.


Cos'è successo a Gennaio ?

A Gennaio, 129 brani in Video Karaoke sono stati aggiunti su KaraFun. Scopri in particolare Con il nastro rosa, Certe notti o ancora Eva disponibili da subito su KaraFun.

Scopri la hit parade nei Versione Karaoke qui di seguito !

Throwback Thursday: KaraFun Legacy

KaraFun is just over 20 years old! Between our first versions and today's modern technologies (an online catalog, remote feature, songs synced offline) there's a major difference!

Hidden deep in our computer's memory we found a little golden nugget: the very first version of KaraFun, the version even prior to our first public release. While the coding for the program has certainly changed, the passion for the project has stayed the same!

We couldn't resist the idea of sharing a few screenshots with you of the very first version of KaraFun, the ancestor of what would become known, recognized and loved around the world by amateur singers!


Che tipo di cantante sei? E quali sono le canzoni che fanno per te?

"To know oneself, is above all, to know what one can sing!" (or something of that nature!). At the start of a new year, take some time to identify the type of singer you are. Here are some singer types, along with song suggestions, to help you have the karaoke of your life!