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A Novembre, 160 brani in Versione Karaoke sono stati aggiunti su KaraFun. Scopri in particolare...

Give the gift of song with KaraFun's gift card

The perfect holiday gift doesn’t require losing your sanity while fighting the crowds at the mall....

Vuoi diventare un KJ? Ti aiutiamo noi!

Does karaoke run in your veins? Do you karaoke more than four times a week? Are you the go-to person...

10 articoli per prepararti al prossimo karaoke

Your guests arrive in two hours and it's time to start setting up the karaoke! You're checking things off right and left from your To-do list: download app (check!), connect to account (check!), prepare the song queue with the our pre-made playlists (check!). But now that you are facing TV cables, microphone hook ups and the potential stage fright of your guests... the stress mounts.

Stay cool, karaoke cucumber, here is a recap of 10 useful articles to help you easily get set up and make the most of your karaoke party!


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A Ottobre, 129 brani in Video Karaoke sono stati aggiunti su KaraFun. Scopri in particolare When I Fall in Love, Shallow o ancora I'll Never Love Again disponibili da subito su KaraFun.

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