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Cos'è successo a Giugno ?

A Giugno, 110 brani in Video Karaoke sono stati aggiunti su KaraFun. Scopri in particolare Italiana,...

Cos'è successo a Maggio ?

A Maggio, 101 brani in Karaoke sono stati aggiunti su KaraFun. Scopri in particolare Flames, Candle...

Tip of the Month: Dual Screen

We often receive the following question: “How can I allow singers to see only the song lyrics...

Kitchen Karaoke: treat your ears and your taste buds!

First rule of thumb from the unofficial laws of karaoke: out of respect for others, do not sing with your mouth full! On the other hand, singing for your supper is far from a bad idea!

When combining the pleasures of music and food, especially as part of a karaoke party for which you’ve drawn up a guest list and revved up KaraFun, feeding guests bellies as much as their ears is vital! With that in mind, on the KaraFun menu du jour: a spattering of flavorful and festive music-themed dishes paired with a delicate selection of deliciously sweet songs!


When music meets the movies

When music meets cinema, it's a match made in heaven! Many a musician has understood this and crossed over to Hollywood. Some have even taken on roles as singers, actors, directors and even producers and we've lined some of them up here for you.