Green and sing: songs to celebrate St. Paddy's Day!


Even if she's been independent for over a century, those who visit her rolling green hills become instantly dependent. Who is she? Beautiful Ireland, of course, land of traditions and mysteries, of fierce and authentic beauty (yes, we know, sounds a lot like an advertisement for the National Tourism Agency).
Every year, on March 17th, the whole world honors this magical island on Saint Patrick's Day, adorned in green and sporting the symbolic, harp, clover, Guinness or dressed as the friendly leprechaun and singing songs in ode of this country.

So, if, for you too, Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond, U2 the biggest rock band, George Best a better footballer than Neymar, or if you know that the Pogues are not a recess of the 1990s but a British band that gives honor to Irish folk, these karaoke songs are for you!

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