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Connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI or VGA cable. For more information, please see our article with more details in the Help Section.

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Control your karaoke party on your computer while your guests experience full-screen karaoke on your TV.

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Sing this New Year's top tracks along with over 32,000 karaoke songs available on KaraFun

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Enjoy unlimited access to all of the karaoke songs on KaraFun with our Pass serata (48 ore)!

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Love this site. ”

Lisa, Phoenix, USA

Love using this program for all our karaoke parties! ”

Deborah, Dixie Inn, USA

Karaoke night with KaraFun. Family is ready to go! ”

William, Winter Park, USA

I love this program! ”

Brad, Austin, USA

Get a couple of microphones and a cheap mixer, you now have a karaoke setup! ”

Hank, Atlanta, USA

We're using this for our daughter's graduation party. ”

Mary, Dixonville, USA

I use your your system everyday at home and everyone gets up to have a sing at our BBQs. ”

Craig-Alan, Emu Park, Australia

KaraFun is wonderful, beyond belief. I have not heard such great accompaniments and singers anywhere else. Sounds like the real thing! ”

Sarah, USA

We used Karafun for a party on Friday and it was invaluable. Your service is easy to use and has almost every song people asked for. ”

Kristal, Florida, USA